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Hegel Love Letters: Nicole Chang

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My Dearest Beloved,

You may not know this, but it is a fact that I love you.  It is a fact because I know it in my consciousness.   My love for you is the result, the end of the moments where it wasn’t a fact, and now is the truth.  It’s true that in the beginning, my affection for you was only a basis for the moments that have developed in my consciousness.  My consciousness is the activity of my brain, and the activity of my brain proves its existence, and my mind is where my love for you was born, therefore it exists and it is the truth.

By truth I mean what exists in the whole of my consciousness.   If my mind was the world, and it developed inside it that I loved you, than it would be a truth of that world.  In short, our love is the truth of my mind as a universe, and you are the basis of that truth, the gathering and plethora of moments in my mind that developed from a somewhat certainty to an absolute knowledge.

The truth has been turned back in forth in my mind, and it has negated itself of all doubts, making it an absolute truth that I love you.





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February 17, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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