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Hegel Love Letters: Michael Aranda

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My Dearest Beloved,

The closest definition to our love is, as Hegel would define Truth.  Our love cannot be inferred from our words and exchanges of infatuation nor by our expression of the word.  Our love is as Truth, the essence of something only realized after great deliberation.  Our love is the whole. My love for you is not your graceful touch, or sensuous words. My love for you is not the soft skin of your hand, nor the arm or flesh attached to it.  My love for is not your name, nor is it these words that are identified with you. Our love and my love for you are all these, this intuitive realization we have for one another.  Our love is not the parts of the whole, just as a fruit is not merely the single fruit or seed.  The fruit is not solely the fruit, nor the blossom it bloomed, nor the tree it grew but all these as one single experience.  The embracing of all these thoughts, emotions and experiences boiled down to their refined essence.  Our love, like the truth, has an irrational but irrefutable intuitive strength.  Truth uses Science as concrete knowing just our love is clearly revealed by affection.  Our love cannot be just defined by the word love, but by what our love consist.  Like the word God does not capture the essence of this being but what this being does. Our love may seem tangible to us, but, like Truth, our love is conceptual.  Our love is culmination of our lives together over time.  The Truth is the same, the culmination of these concepts fully developed over time encompassing all.



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February 17, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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